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The aim of this course is to help participants understand the benefits of effective communication.  We look at different types of communication, how these can best be applied and identify the best methods of communication to use in different situations.  The course examines how to create an environment of effective communication within any organisation.

Planning &

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This workshop enables participants to understand and demonstrate the key aspects of planning and how to effectively prioritise tasks.  It looks at how to formulate plans, monitor progress and quantify outcomes as well as giving individuals the essential tools to prioritise their workload in their day to day and longer term.  A practical workshop for anyone looking to be more productive.


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Is problem solving just fire-fighting or an integral skill to make opportunities and improve the performance of your business and as individuals?


We will examine different approaches to problem solving and how to best use the resources around you.  This area also focuses on empathy with our belief that “the smartest person in the room knows who the smartest person in the room is”.  We will also help you to understand the impacts of problems on your business but more importantly how to use these as an opportunity to learn and develop from them.


This interactive workshop is designed to give you the opportunities to understand your core skills and apply them to the three elements, reinforce your knowledge and provide development avenues.


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Are you ready for work?


This workshop aims to help individuals returning to work.  It focuses on individual skills and experiences and provides practical help in linking them to the application and recruitment process.  It will also give attendees an understanding of what to expect in the workplace and the best way to transition into their new role.


Customer Services & Sales Training

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This workshop aims to help individuals and organisations understand and gain the skills needed to demonstrate exceptional customer service and sales. We focus on a behavioural approach utilising  our unique  and successful CWTCH model – an essential workshop for any organisation wanting to deliver truly outstanding customer service. 

Leadership & Coaching Skills

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This course aims to help individuals understand and demonstrate key leadership competencies and equip candidates with valuable skills, new tools and behaviours to provide effective coaching.  Utilising fundamental leadership practices and management theories, the course has been designed for anyone undertaking a leadership role or aims to provide coaching to others for the successful running of any business.

Introduction to Management

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This workshop aims to provide attendees with the core skills to undertake a management or supervisory position.  With an introduction into established management theory, this practical workshop focuses around communication skills, planning and prioritising, setting targets and the effective use of resources.


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This workshop aims to allow individuals to recognise what makes an effective team.  It looks at the key elements needed in a successful team, how to assess and monitor team performance and how to best develop and manage within a team.  This practical course is also suitable for existing teams looking to increase their effectiveness and performance as a group.


Achieving Your

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This motivational course is for individuals wishing to make a positive step change in their lives and career to realise their true potential. With the content based around developing a positive mindset we look at how to effectively achieve an individual’s objectives. This course will enable participants to constructively plan their goals and provides the tools, confidence and empowerment to achieve these.

Managing Change in your Business

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This course aims to help individuals understand the impact of change on their business.  It will give candidates the essential tools needed to identify, design and implement change strategies for effective and positive results.  The content is designed to allow participants to explore how to manage change effectively and to see the benefits change can bring to any business.

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Skills

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This workshop aims to develop participants’ emotional intelligence and resilience in the work place.  Learning the basic principles of emotional intelligence individuals will explore the benefits of empathy, self-awareness and self-motivation and gain valuable tools and skills to apply these in order to recover more effectively from challenging situations.

Diversity &

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This course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of all the aspects around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.   With an overview of current legislation this course goes further than simply focussing on legal compliance: our award-winning KEE strategy and approach to understanding unconscious bias will help participants gain a valuable insight into the benefits of positively integrating diversity and inclusion into the structure of any business.

Introduction to

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This course is an introduction to all the relevant aspects of Human Resources and the legal aspects of Employee Relations.  It offers a practical approach to help individuals understand the basic requirements and principles of Human Resources within a business.  With its insight into effective Human Resources management this course is ideal for managers and business owners.

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