JulesJulian JohnYes, that’s me in the photo, although it’s hard for me to look at it let alone post it on social media.

Career, tick. Just got married, tick. Happy, tick. Rest of our lives planned, tick.

Then, I collapsed. Brain damage they eventually said. Recovery? Mmm, the brain’s a complex thing, no guarantees.

Wow, brain damage, you would have thought I’d have been devastated, but it’s the difference between a cold and the full blown flu. You’re too ill to care. Housebound with no balance. The inability to do pretty much anything. Game over and you really couldn’t give a toss.

Apart from that spark, deep in the recess of that brain that doesn’t want to work. Stubbornness, sheer bloody mindedness or just because I wasn’t prepared to listen to what other people told me. I wasn’t going to accept what was happening.

Car, gone. Work, gone. Money, gone. Personal freedom, gone. Quality of life, gone. And a wife who must be thinking what the hell has happened to our perfect planned life.

Being unemployed, it nearly destroyed me. All I’ve ever done is work. All I wanted to do was to get back to work. I hate relying on anyone and to have to rely on other people for so much was excruciating.

Pride was the key and mine had been kicked to hell and back, I didn’t like it and I don’t do what I don’t like.

Small steps, minute steps. Progress is progress and keep moving in the right direction and you’ll eventually get there.

There are people out there who are capable of so much, but haven’t been given suitable support or vitally the training and development to overcome the barriers into sustainable employment. I’m not prepared to accept that. I’m sorry, but I won’t stand by and watch people, human beings not being afforded the opportunity to work. It’s wrong and I’ve decided to do something about it.

That’s why I started Delsion Diversity. I can do what I’m good at and I can also support people who’ve been in a similar situation to myself.
Believe in yourself, trust in what you can do and surprise yourself, but above all just be happy, just do what makes you smile. Fulfil your potential, because you’re the only one that can.

Will the business be a success? It’s early days yet but I like a challenge. I’m good at them and guess what, I don’t give in very easily and I’ve a determination that can move mountains.

Right, I’m off to the change the world. You can too, it’s just takes the right attitude and an understanding of what this life is really all about.
Thanks for reading this and I’ll leave you with a tweet:

Dear World, I was always too good to be beaten, I was always going to get back up, I was always going to win this fight. @jules_john