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Effective Communication

The aim of this course is to help participants understand the benefits of effective communication.

We look at different types of communication, how these can best be applied and identify the best methods of communication to use in different situations. The course examines how to create an environment of effective communication within any organisation.

Planning & Prioritising

This workshop enables participants to understand and demonstrate the key aspects of planning and how to effectively prioritise tasks. It looks at how to formulate plans, monitor progress and quantify outcomes as well as giving individuals the essential tools to prioritise their workload in their day to day and longer term. A practical workshop for anyone looking to be more productive.

Problem Solving

Is problem solving just fire-fighting or an integral skill to make opportunities and improve the performance of your business and as individuals?

We will examine different approaches to problem solving and how to best use the resources around you. This area also focuses on empathy with our belief that “the smartest person in the room knows

who the smartest person in the room is”. We will also help you to understand the impacts of problems on your business but more importantly how to use these as an opportunity to learn and develop from them.

This interactive workshop is designed to give you the opportunities to understand your core skills and apply them to the three elements, reinforce your knowledge and provide development avenues.

Employability Training - Are you ready for work?

This workshop aims to help individuals returning to work. It focuses on individual skills and experiences and provides practical help in linking them to the application and recruitment process.

It will also give attendees an understanding of what to expect in the workplace and the best way to transition into their new role.

Customer Service & Sales Training - The CWTCH Approach

This workshop aims to help individuals to understand and gain the skills needed to demonstrate exceptional customer service and sales. We will focuses on a behavioural approach and utilise our unique successful CWTCH model – an essential workshop for anyone wanting to take their customer service and sales to the next level.

Leadership & Coaching Skills

This course aims to help individuals understand and demonstrate key leadership competencies and equip candidates with valuable skills, new tools and behaviours to provide effective coaching.

Utilising fundamental leadership practices and management theories, the course has been designed for anyone undertaking a leadership role or aims to provide coaching to others for the successful running of any business.

Introduction to Management

This workshop aims to provide attendees with the core skills to undertake a management or supervisory position. With an introduction into established management theory, this practical workshop focuses around communication skills, planning and prioritising, setting targets and the effective use of resources.

Successful Teams

This workshop aims to allow individuals to recognise what makes an effective team. It looks at the key elements needed in a successful team, how to assess and monitor team performance and how to best develop and manage within a team. This practical course is also suitable for existing teams looking to increase their effectiveness and performance as a group.

Achieving your Potential

This motivational course is for individuals wishing to make a positive step change in their lives and career to realise their true potential. With the content based around developing a positive mindset we look at how to effectively achieve an individual’s objectives. This course will enable participants to constructively plan their goals and provides the tools, confidence and empowerment to achieve these.

Managing Change in your Business

This course aims to help individuals understand the impact of change on their business. It will give candidates the essential tools needed to identify, design and implement change strategies for effective and positive results. The content is designed to allow participants to explore how to manage change effectively and to see the benefits change can bring to any business.

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Skills

This workshop aims to develop participants’ emotional intelligence and resilience in the work place. Learning the basic principles of emotional intelligence individuals will explore the benefits of empathy, self-awareness and self-motivation and gain valuable tools and skills to apply these in order to recover more effectively from challenging situations.

Diversity & Inclusion

This course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of all the aspects around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With an overview of current legislation this course goes further than simply focussing on legal compliance: our award-winning KEE strategy and approach to understanding unconscious bias will help participants gain a valuable insight into the benefits of positively integrating diversity and inclusion into the structure of any business.

Introduction to HR & ER

This course is an introduction to all the relevant aspects of Human Resources and the legal aspects of Employee Relations. It offers a practical approach to help individuals understand the basic requirements and principles of Human Resources within a business. With its insight into effective Human Resources management this course is ideal for managers and business owners.

Latest Articles

“Why does change take so long?” How to turn the tide of negative perceptions

| inemmo | Leadership Development Solutions A diversity expert’s first-hand experience of disability discrimination highlights why barriers of all kinds must come down quickly In September 2005, dynamic and successful HR executive Julian John was driving home from work when his world tipped upside down. Pulling over with the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right, Julian worked his way out of his car and collapsed, unable to stand. “At first I thought it was going to go away” he tells Inemmo, “and then I realised I had no sense of balance. I went to the doctor, and he told me I had an inner-ear infection that would probably shift in about six weeks. But things got progressively worse. That was the start of me being housebound for the next three-and-a-half years.” Julian’s background was professional development within retail, and he had worked at some of the UK’s largest high-street and leisure-park brands such as B&Q and Iceland. At the latter, his final role was HR work-stream manager for a major, national project, overseeing the policy and training side. By the time of his incident, he oversaw about a third of the organisation’s estate. “I was Captain Indestructible,” he says. “I was living in Cardiff, my office was in Southampton, I was there by 7:30 every morning, went skiing twice a year, out every weekend,  you name it. And at the age of 30, just before it happened, I was thinking: “Happy days” nothing can touch me.” Hitting barriers Julian’s illness remained undiagnosed for two-and-a-half years, during which he wrestled with a loss of motor control on his right-hand side and a host of other, gruelling symptoms. Eventually, he was referred to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, which told him he had chronic peripheral vestibular dysfunction, a condition he defines in the following way: “‘Chronic’ means it’s permanent; ‘peripheral’ means it’s on one side, ‘vestibular’ means it’s to do with the vestibular system, and ‘dysfunction’ means it’s knackered. They reckoned it was food poisoning, a bacterial infection from a dodgy steak.” Julian had been permanently brain damaged. To help him retrain his brain almost from scratch, the hospital put him on a course of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT). “I’d lost all of my cognitive abilities,” he says. “I couldn’t read, look out of the window or use my phone. My speech was slurred, and I became very sensitive to sound. So I did four hours of exercises a day for the next five years to learn how to stand, walk and talk again.” The regime played havoc on his disoriented senses as he attempted to wire them back into place. “You begin to feel sick, and suffer chronic fatigue with it, even though it’s a set of quite simple exercises to get your eyes and brain working in unison again. Imagine the brightest, loudest, 3D movie you could only just about bear to sit in front of: that’s what it’s like.” But amid all the turmoil, Julian’s ambition began to resurface. “My only answer to get out of the situation was to get back to work,” he says. “With all my experience in HR and recruitment, I thought I was way ahead of the game. In my last role before my collapse, I’d been a diversity champion, and I did a lot of work around equality. I’d always recruited people with disabilities, because I’d always hired talent. To me, background didn’t matter. I’d only ever been interested in recruiting people who could add benefit to an organisation.” That, though, was when he began to hit a whole, new set of barriers. “Initially, I ran into some stumbling blocks with support organisations, who said, ‘Actually, you’re not ready for work yet, so we don’t want to do anything with you a lot of European social legislation that says you’re not the best fit for our project.’ So I just decided to do without support and contact employers myself.” At that point, thickets of resistance only intensified and two, specific incidents from that time stand out for Julian as moments where he knew that he was on the receiving end of the sort of negative perceptions that scores of disabled job candidates encounter every day. Minimum requirements “I went for a job in a university careers department,” he says, “as a liaison between the institution and graduate employment schemes. With my background of having 15,000 staff, sales turnover of £1 billion, proven ability as a fast-track champion and experience of writing graduate-employment training courses, I thought I was a shoo-in to get an interview. “When I applied, there wasn’t much of an opportunity to indicate how my disability can be an impairment or, more positively, explain how I can work around it. So on the day after the closing date, I phoned up and spoke to the administrative assistant who was responsible for the application process. I told her I just wanted to add a few things to the application form but I didn’t, at that point, explain it was something to do with a disability. “She said, ‘Not a problem, just bear in mind that it’s going to take about six weeks before we start sifting to get a shortlist. That’s probably the best time to get in touch if you want to make any changes, and that should be absolutely fine.’ I said, ‘That’s great  it’s just that I’m disabled, and I’d like to explain how best to get around some of the restrictions I have.’ She just went, ‘fine’ and put the phone down. Within two minutes, I got a rejection email saying they weren’t going to take my application any further.” In the second situation, Julian applied to a council in relation to a role on a scheme for getting people back to work after long absences, a subject close to his heart. “I thought I could offer a suite of services like CV writing, interview experience, mock assessment, that sort of stuff. This council was also
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Delsion's Julian John speaks at the BT National Apprenticeship Week event in Cardiff

We were delighted to attend BT’s apprenticeship event on 16th March at the Principality Stadium Cardiff. Please read more about this fantastic event in the BT press release below: BT apprenticeship event – NAW
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JFDI (Ignite Cardiff 16 – Episode 1 – Julian John)

Julian talks about how he has overcome his disability at JFDI Ignite Cardiff.
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Break the Bubble – TEDxSwansea

Julian talks about his personal experience following a life changing event, which led him to re-evaluate what was important to him and his family. With his background in Human Resources, Julian has gone on to set up a social enterprise that champions opportunities for disabled people, along the way working with major employers in Swansea, making it one of the first Disability Confident cities in the UK. Julian is a an award winning social entrepreneur. In 2005, Julian experienced a life changing event when diagnosed with the onset of a chronic neurological condition. It is his subsequent journey as a result of this experience that led him to become a social entrepreneur, and a champion of opportunities for disabled people into sustainable employment. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Delsion: one year on – disability confidence, workplace diversity and the future of employment consultancy

Human resources, learning and development and disability inclusion consultancy, Delsion Limited will celebrate a successful first year in business on 3 December 2015, International Day of Disabled People. Delsion was founded in December 2014 by Julian John  an established and experienced HR consultant who had been forced to rebuild his life and career following catastrophic brain damage in 2005. Throughout its first year, Delsion has advised and supported government and UK national employers, counting Brains Brewery among its early clients. Julian John said: “There is still often a lack of understanding of the benefits of having a diverse workforce. At Delsion, we say that people are people, talent is talent. “Diversity in the workplace brings an organisation closer to its audiences by broadening the range of experiences, knowledge and perceptions that shape products, services and the customer experience. “I am thrilled with the engagement and recognition Delsion has received in our first year. It is very fitting that we will be celebrating our first anniversary on the International Day of Disabled People.” In the last year, Delsion has made Swansea the first disability confident employer city in the UK, as recognised by Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people, who said: “Swansea is leading the way by becoming the UK’s first Disability Confident city, something the whole community can be proud of.” Mr John commented: “The Swansea Disability Confident initiative was a personal endeavour to engage employers and the city of Swansea around the benefits of employing disabled people.” Delsion is already winning awards for its work, taking a national Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative Award (RIDI) in recognition of its work in making Swansea Disability Confident and it’s future plans for Wales. Mr John said: “I am delighted to have won this award as it is a great acknowledgment of all the work Delsion has done in Swansea and elsewhere in Wales to raise awareness of diversity and the positive role that disabled people play in the economy and Welsh workforce. “It is especially rewarding when considering that some of the other entrants were very well established companies, such as the Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer and Lloyds Banking Group.” One of the judges said of Delsion: “…this small employer facing personal challenges exceeded the goliath task of creating a disability confident Swansea event from scratch.” Delsion’s work has also been recognised by the Prime Minister’s office, and earlier in the year held an event at the House of Commons for ministers, MPs and business leaders to present its vision of disabled employability within Wales. Justin Tomlinson MP, minister for disabled people and Owen Smith MP, shadow secretary of state for work and pensions spoke in support of the work Delsion is doing in Wales. Delsion has a similar event planned in the Senedd in January 2016, where Julie James AM, deputy minister for skills and technology will be speaking. Delsion aims to become one of the leading human resources and learning and development consultancies in Wales, and intends to make Wales the leading region for disability inclusion in the workplace in Europe.
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Disability, Desolation, Desperation and the Dole

Yes, that’s me in the photo, although it’s hard for me to look at it let alone post it on social media. Career, tick. Just got married, tick. Happy, tick. Rest of our lives planned, tick. Then, I collapsed. Brain damage they eventually said. Recovery? Mmm, the brain’s a complex thing, no guarantees. Wow, brain damage, you would have thought I’d have been devastated, but it’s the difference between a cold and the full blown flu. You’re too ill to care. Housebound with no balance. The inability to do pretty much anything. Game over and you really couldn’t give a toss. Apart from that spark, deep in the recess of that brain that doesn’t want to work. Stubbornness, sheer bloody mindedness or just because I wasn’t prepared to listen to what other people told me. I wasn’t going to accept what was happening. Car, gone. Work, gone. Money, gone. Personal freedom, gone. Quality of life, gone. And a wife who must be thinking what the hell has happened to our perfect planned life. Being unemployed, it nearly destroyed me. All I’ve ever done is work. All I wanted to do was to get back to work. I hate relying on anyone and to have to rely on other people for so much was excruciating. Pride was the key and mine had been kicked to hell and back, I didn’t like it and I don’t do what I don’t like. Small steps, minute steps. Progress is progress and keep moving in the right direction and you’ll eventually get there. There are people out there who are capable of so much, but haven’t been given suitable support or vitally the training and development to overcome the barriers into sustainable employment. I’m not prepared to accept that. I’m sorry, but I won’t stand by and watch people, human beings not being afforded the opportunity to work. It’s wrong and I’ve decided to do something about it. That’s why I started Delsion Diversity. I can do what I’m good at and I can also support people who’ve been in a similar situation to myself. Believe in yourself, trust in what you can do and surprise yourself, but above all just be happy, just do what makes you smile. Fulfil your potential, because you’re the only one that can. Will the business be a success? It’s early days yet but I like a challenge. I’m good at them and guess what, I don’t give in very easily and I’ve a determination that can move mountains. Right, I’m off to the change the world. You can too, it’s just takes the right attitude and an understanding of what this life is really all about. Thanks for reading this and I’ll leave you with a tweet: Dear World, I was always too good to be beaten, I was always going to get back up, I was always going to win this fight. @jules_john
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